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Celebrate Every Decade

We've all been "Denarians" (people age 10 to 19 years old, i.e. teenagers).  Do you know the names for all the decades of life?  See the terms illustrated with Celebration Stadium candle holders - thanks to photos we have received from customers and friends around the world.

10-19 years old: DENARIAN

20-29 years old: VICENARIAN

30-39 years old: TRICENARIAN

40-49 years old: QUADRAGENARIAN

50-59 years old: QUINQUAGENARIAN

60-69 years old: SEXAGENARIAN

70-79 years old: SEPTUAGENARIAN

80-89 years old: OCTOGENARIAN

90-99 years old: NONAGENARIAN

100-109 years old: CENTENARIAN

110+ years old: SUPERCENTENARIAN!

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